Powell Grain Farms, Inc

What's Happening at Powell Grain Farms, Inc.?

Harvest is finished! The weather could not decide if it wanted to cooperate or not this year.
Thank you to all of our land owners for your friendly waves and smiles as we passed by
​and to our employees for your dedication! 


Spring is finally here! We were not sure mother nature was going to be on our side
but she has provided us with a nice week! Thanks to our team for all of their 

continued hard work. 


Harvest is well under way. Crops are looking nice. We are very thankful for the
nice weather that we have been having. If you see our crew, wave hello! 

We are happy to have a nice fall. Crops are coming off nicely. 

We are glad to be done with harvest. 2018 was extremely wet and we are very

thankful to be done. Thank you to all of our team for their hard work this season! 


Happy Fall Y'all!! We are busy at work and as long as mother nature continues to

cooperate we will continue to move along steadily. Many of you have seen us in

your fields already harvesting the crop. Our youngest is sure in love with the

tractors and combines and really enjoys riding along! The girls are growing quick

and love to bring lunch to the field for me!


Spring is finally here. We are excited to be working the fields but with the wetter than 

normal spring, we have enlisted the help of Stuchal Custom Ag Service to install drain 

tile with their state of​ the art tiling equipment on some of our farms.