Powell Grain Farms, Inc

Our Practices

equipment & Technology

Powell Grain Farms, Inc constantly reinvests in state-of-the-art equipment to
ensure efficiency both in land stewardship and production. 

GPS Planting & GPS Harvest Technology - This new technology helps to sure
field acreage is planted to its fullest and that any problem areas within a field
are identified. 


Soil Testing

Soil Testing is practiced to ensure that farm land does not loose its nutrients
and minerals. If it is determined that any nutrients or minerals are lacking
through the testing, they are replenished on a predetermined schedule. 



Proper drainage removes excess water from the soils subsurface. When proper
drainage is needed, Powell Grain Farms, Inc. has the ability and knowledge to
install field tile using the latest technology!


Grain & Liquid Fertilizer Storage

Powell Grain Farms, Inc. has an on farm grain storage facility and on farm liquid  

storage facility to assist in the production and harvest of crops.